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Standing In Need of Prayer...

LPMBC | Standing In Need of Prayer

Bro. Albert Bell
Dea. Bert Taylor
Sis. Christine Hamilton
Bro. Elvin Norton
Dea. Flem Goins
Sis. Jennie Holt
Sis. Linda Anderson-Robinson
Sis. Mary Stewart
Sis. Mary Adkins
Bro. Reginald Williams
Sis. Renita Hollins
Dr. Robert Hampton
Bro. Russell Mosley
Bro. William Jones
Bro. William Crawford
Sis. Willie Mosley
Sis. Wilma Blackman

Our Prayer for September
God of mercy. Please help our nation and those who lead on the state and local levels. Please raise up Christian leaders who will be concerned about the plight of the people. Father, please help the leaders of our congregation to be people of integrity who live lives of obedience to you. Keep us from the sin of pride and haughtiness as your church. Help us to show concern for the poor, the widow, and those who struggle. Father, fill us with the Holy Spirit. Help us to be an example by our obedience to you. We want to do your will in all things. Forgive us for the times when our attitude does not reflect you. Help us Lord we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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