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The Big Picture-Ages 5-6 years old

Teacher(s): Mrs. Shirley Beckley/Mrs. Jennifer Johnson/Mrs. Patty Yarborough

Description: Designed to teach small children the basics of God's Word. This class will focus on Bible Stories (i.e. Adam and Eve; David & Goliath; etc.) Which will show how they are all a part of God's plan of salvation. To help them to grow and understand how much they are loved by the Lord. Scripture Theme: Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Location: Room 166 | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm | Type: 05-08

Foundational Truths-Ages 10-12

Teacher(s): Sis. Lajuana Baltimore/Dcn. Lance Benford/Sis. Cassandra Thompso

Description: This class is designed to teach the word of God to children ages 10-12. Students will learn basic biblical principles and the foundational truths of the faith by understanding the Trinity, the Ten Commandments; salvation and the plan of redemption and more.

Location: Room 241 | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm | Type: 09-12

What are the Promises of God: Ages 16-18

Teacher(s): Dcn Marvin Cox/Shanna Williams

Description: This class will focus on the purpose of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, by understanding what are the promises of God and what are the expectations for us as Christians. In addition, we will also learn how to put on the Spiritual Armor of God and Witnessing and Sharing our faith

Location: Room 249 | Dates: Ongoing (except during True Love Waits) | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm | Type: 13-18

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Teacher(s): Rev. Maurice Harris, Pastor Maxwell, Rev. Jerome Payne, Rev. Fre

Description: This class will be a walk through the scriptures as we discover what the Bible says about Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelation, the entirety of the bible is the account of God's amazing grace for believers in Jesus Christ. Join us in this in-depth study of the Word of God as we discover who the scriptures say Jesus the Christ is.

Location: Fellowship Hall | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7:00pm | Type: Adult

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Teacher(s): Rev. Dan Johnson/Kevin Kidd

Description: Join this class as we discover the riches of the wisdom of God through King Solomon. This book, penned by Solomon towards the end of his life, reflects on the lessons learned from a book filled a fascinating treasure of deeper spiritual insights and faith

Location: Choir Rehearsal Room | Dates: 1/8/2019 thru 3/12/2019 | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm-8pm | Type: Adult

Minor Prophets: Hosea thru Malachi

Teacher(s): Dcn George Dunn & Sis. Patricia Dunn

Description: This class will take you through the ministries of God through the minor prophets of the Old Testament. In this class you will learn of God's will for His people and for us as Christians. Join us as we explore these powerful, prophetic books.

Location: Room 248 | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7:00pm | Type: Adult

The Bible Made Easy- Old Testament

Teacher(s): Rev. Grover Whittington/Deacon Mike Alleyne

Description: This class offers a basic introduction into the study of God's word, the Bible. It is designed to help give students the opportunity to learn some basic bible study techniques; bible history and the location of some of the most familiar passages of scripture. For those who are beginning their walk with Christ; or have never studied the bible, or have a desire to start learning more about the Lord, this is class for you to begin your journey into a more personal relationship with Christ.

Location: Room 245 | Dates: ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7:00pm | Type: Adult

Bible Basics: Ages 7-9 years old

Teacher(s): Mrs. Delexis Dunn-Kidd/Ms. Billie Edwards

Description: Bible Basics- The aim of this class is to focus on the youth knowing and understanding the fundamentals of their faith in God by knowing the books of the bible and how to use their bible.

Location: Room 163 | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm to 8pm | Type: Child 05-08

What does it mean to be a Christian: Ages 13-15

Teacher(s): Sis. Melissa Arnell/Rev. Ronnie Etter

Description: In this class, our youth will learn to establish their faith walk in Christ by understanding not only what they believe, but why they believe it by understanding what it means to be a Christian.

Location: Room 240 | Dates: ongoing (except during True Love Waits) | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm-8pm | Type: Child 13-18


Teacher(s): Rev. Nicholas Renfroe/ Rev. Ronnie Etter

Description: As we go through this life's uneven journey, there comes a time when we have to step back and RESET in our spiritual relationship with Christ in order to strengthen our faith in Him. Join us as we discover in our Bible Study what God has in store for us in our faith walk with Him.

Location: Youth Fellowship Hall-Lower Level | Dates: Ongoing | Day: Tuesday | Time: 7pm | Type: Young Adult

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